How to Plan a Virtual Wedding

Pick A Video Service

Choosing the right platform to show off the most important day of your life to your family and friends during these times is goal number one. Virtual wedding are the biggest party trend to hit year 2020. It keep everyone safe and you can be as creative as you want. The top three wedding streaming platforms are Zoom, Facebook and Instagram Live. What a great way to have the memory of your big day on video to replay and relive.

Utilize your social media to connect with your guest.

Time to Say Yes to the Dress or Tux

Wedding dress shopping during this time can be hard but don’t worry as long as you have a wedding dress you can get married. One wedding dress shopping option is to buy your dress off rack. This means the bridal store has wedding dresses in stock in your size so there is no wait time. This is as simple as googling off rack wedding dresses or calling and asking if they have off rack options in your local area. Most bridal stores sell their stock off the rack, but they may have only sample sizes, which are typically 8-14.

Get the dress of your dreams!

Don’t Forget Your Crew

You will still need a small group of people to help your virtual wedding be the best your friends and family have ever seen. The best man and the maid of honor will be great for this position they will need to help with the camera set up and the decorations. Also you’ll need someone to keep your big day organized and your guests excited and attention on a high level. These helper swill set the overall flow of your virtual wedding.

Put your best friends to work!!

Time for the Real Fun

Keeping your guest having fun will be easy with these simple games and events you can use on your big day online. Raffles are really fun you can give out gift cards the perfect gift for everyone. Also guess who is a new game where your guests text you a moment they remember and during the wedding your wedding announcer will read them off and you and your mate can guess who wrote that moment. And don’t forget about a super fun scavenger hunt where you can really get your guests up, moving and having the time of their lives at your wedding.

Have some simple fun with some virtual games!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year and it’s affected many couples that were planning a wedding or still are. Hopefully these helpful ideas will help make wedding planning be a little easier when you can’t have the wedding you dreamed of. Don’t give up you can still have a perfect wedding just in a slightly different way.